SKAR - THE HAMMER RETURNS  is our self-developed game title, a premium fantasy action RPG for mobile, pc and mac.    Players take the role of three different characters, venturing into the dark, fantastical worlds of norse mythology to recover the lost fragments of Thor's hammer  Mjollnir .   Above:  Central to the theme of the game, this stone mural is rendered in an Old Norse pictogram style, showing scenes from the Norse pantheon involving the thunder god and his mighty hammer.  Thor faces off with Jormundgandr, the World Serpent, on the day of Ragnarok. Centrally, the forging of Mjollnir by the devious dwarves Brokk and Eitri in the depths of Svartalfheim. To the right, the Aesir and their allies muster their forces as the Jotun attack Asgard and the Fenris wolf swallows the sun.
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