BLINK STUDIOS AS is an independent developer focusing on games, apps, visual effects and visualisation. 

Based in Oslo, Norway, Blink aims to become a premier developer on the mobile premium segments as well as windows, mac and console platforms. The company was founded in spring 2011 by four game industry veterans. 

At Blink we want to work with projects that challenge us, focus on solid and immersive experiences with outstanding visuals and atmosphere.

Besides our inhouse game productions we also undertake work-for-hire projects big and small, ranging from ads and promotional work, digital art services, visualisation, vfx and game/app development. We possess a solid foundation in most disciplines of digital art production and can adapt to any client style and/or preference.

Blink has been fortunate to receive grants from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Film Institute, which has been instrumental in the preproduction and development of our flagship title "SKAR - The Hammer Returns".

The founders have a long track record in the games industry, having previously worked at developers such as Funcom, Computer Artworks, Innerloop, Psygnosis/Sony Entertainment, Shiny Entertainment and Scavenger Inc, holding central positions on titles such as:

* The Secret World
Age of Conan
* Dreamfall
* The Thing
* Anarchy Online
* Project I.G.I. 2
* The Longest Journey
* Messiah

Check out this site for more information on our projects as well as the many types of services we can provide. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have regarding collaborations, work-for-hire, project pitches, publishing or investor relations.


Sigbjørn Galåen
Co-founder / Producer / CG Generalist.

Eigil Jarl Halse
Co-founder / Programmer / Animation Director / CG Generalist.

Kjetil Hjeldnes
Co-founder / Programmer / Technical Director / CG Generalist.

Christer Sveen
Co-founder / Art Director / CG Generalist.

Our office building from 1872, at St. Olavs Plass, downtown Oslo.


Some of the great people we have had the priviledge of working with: